Monday, February 25, 2013


I knew it was a mistake having the television on. It was a bigger mistake to be sitting in front of it.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

No Hesitation Target? I can do that too!

Burning meme of the day.

So, it seems certain PD's and other paramilitary forces are using children and pregnant women photo targets as training devices to reinforce instantaneous trigger-pulling. Pshaw. I remember cases where elite snipers started getting medals for shooting unarmed women holding babies.
Not paper target. Real live citizens, people.

Maybe it's time for me to run to the printer.
Shall I put together a 6 target package?

No Hesitation Target; Citizen Edition; target1, t-zone

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Proposal for new cable channel

Let's call it the "School Shooting Channel."
Chicago Public Schools alone could probably fill a few hours of programming a day.
Todays special, however, is from Houston.

Early reports hypothesize that maybe it was a multi-student argument type of shoot out. Maybe gang related? Another "gun free zone"?

Friday, January 4, 2013

Wookie Suit WTF?

First off ... behold the splendor of my wookie-suit.

Just back from dry cleaning and combed out.
After dry cleaning, I meticulously brush it out. It practically glows.
Even as a proud owner of a full length wook-suit ... my head hurt when i stumbled across this story.

Seems our society or culture or country can support this ...

a troupe of actors to help your paramilitary group
"Crisis Actors is a professional group of actors trained at Visionbox to develop and portray characters in emergency training scenarios. The intensity at which they work recreates real life pressures that first responders going through the training must cope with."

Okay. ok. In my medic training, we had troops laid out in moulage. But this takes it to a, a, whole nuver level.

I mean, discount the conspiracy. Ignore the paranoid false flag aspect. The reality just blows my mind!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

the revolution ...

Thanks to Gil Scott Heron
You will not be able to stay home, brother.
You will not be able to plug in, turn on and cop out.
You will not be able to lose yourself on skag and skip,
Skip out for beer during commercials,
Because the revolution will not be televised.

The revolution will not be televised.
The revolution will not be brought to you by Xerox
In 4 parts without commercial interruptions.
The revolution will not show you pictures of Nixon
blowing a bugle and leading a charge by John
Mitchell, General Abrams and Spiro Agnew to eat
hog maws confiscated from a Harlem sanctuary.
The revolution will not be televised.

The revolution will not be brought to you by the 
Schaefer Award Theatre and will not star Natalie
Woods and Steve McQueen or Bullwinkle and Julia.
The revolution will not give your mouth sex appeal.
The revolution will not get rid of the nubs.
The revolution will not make you look five pounds
thinner, because the revolution will not be televised, Brother.

There will be no pictures of you and Willie May
pushing that shopping cart down the block on the dead run,
or trying to slide that color television into a stolen ambulance.
NBC will not be able predict the winner at 8:32
or report from 29 districts.
The revolution will not be televised.

There will be no pictures of pigs shooting down
brothers in the instant replay.
There will be no pictures of pigs shooting down
brothers in the instant replay.
There will be no pictures of Whitney Young being
run out of Harlem on a rail with a brand new process.
There will be no slow motion or still life of Roy
Wilkens strolling through Watts in a Red, Black and
Green liberation jumpsuit that he had been saving
For just the proper occasion.

Green Acres, The Beverly Hillbillies, and Hooterville
Junction will no longer be so damned relevant, and
women will not care if Dick finally gets down with
Jane on Search for Tomorrow because Black people
will be in the street looking for a brighter day.
The revolution will not be televised.

There will be no highlights on the eleven o'clock
news and no pictures of hairy armed women
liberationists and Jackie Onassis blowing her nose.
The theme song will not be written by Jim Webb,
Francis Scott Key, nor sung by Glen Campbell, Tom
Jones, Johnny Cash, Englebert Humperdink, or the Rare Earth.
The revolution will not be televised.

The revolution will not be right back after a message
about a white tornado, white lightning, or white people.
You will not have to worry about a dove in your
bedroom, a tiger in your tank, or the giant in your toilet bowl.
The revolution will not go better with Coke.
The revolution will not fight the germs that may cause bad breath.
The revolution will put you in the driver's seat.

The revolution will not be televised, will not be televised,
will not be televised, will not be televised.
The revolution will be no re-run brothers;
The revolution will be live.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Massacre at the Grammer School ... Brought to you by Lunesta

Oh ... to be employed at the network vid chop shop.
The pace must be absolutely FRANTIC!

The splash screen logos!
The WHOOSH sound effects!

More of our non-stop festival of blood, gore and evil guns in a moment, but first ...
A word from our sponsor!

Brought to you by Project Luna!
Sleep is vital

C'mon Sheeple!

LUNESTA acts quickly, so take it right before bed, and only if you have 8 hours to devote to sleep. Do not take LUNESTA if you are allergic to anything in it. LUNESTA should not be taken together with alcohol. Until you know how you will react to LUNESTA, you should not drive or operate machinery. Call your doctor if your insomnia worsens or is not better within 7 to 10 days. This may mean that there is another condition causing your sleep problems. Walking, eating, driving or engaging in other activities while asleep without remembering it the next day have been reported. Other abnormal behaviors include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations and confusion. In depressed patients, worsening of depression including risk of suicide may occur. These risks may increase if you drink alcohol. Severe allergic reactions such as swelling of the tongue and throat occur rarely and may be fatal. Call your doctor if you experience these or any effects or reactions that concern you. LUNESTA, like most sleep medicines, carries some risk of dependency. Side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, morning drowsiness and dizziness.

Never mind those pesky mandated "black box" side-effect warnings. It's only a sleeping pill! You should be glad your not taking something for depression! Now ... back to our program!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Heard a new phrase from the talking heads this morning.
It was used referencing the HSBC drug laundering story.

Too Big To Indict

“The message sent by the U.S. Department of Justice is that if you are going to engage in large-scale money laundering for Mexican drug cartels, make sure and do it within the scope of your employment working for a bank because you won't be prosecuted regardless of the egregious nature of your criminal conduct,”

Jimmy Gurule, a former assistant U.S. Attorney General

Seems that criminal charges are way too inconvenient once you pass a certain threshold in the size of your criminal enterprise

We're operating in a new era.
I'm sure John Corzine  wasn't the first pioneer blazing this trail.
What was once a trail in the wilderness, has become graded, improved and paved.

Remember ...

In Times of War the Law Falls Silent