Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Million Dollar Dinner

h/t Chicago Tribune

BHO is in Mordor on the Lake for the next 3 days.
Grubbin around the grassroots for some benjamins.

A meal fit for a King!

The fund raiser the I'd love to see the guest list of is the 60 guest one;
... Obama will then head to a fundraiser for 60 people at a private residence where tickets cost considerably more — $35,800 per couple...
Thats a cool Million and change. Not bad for a dinner.

The visit reminds me of a few things ...
The installment of RE as King of Mordor.
The upcoming return of Sir William to the kingdom
Which begs the question "What will Bill do?"
The state of the Royal Coffers. Lowest rating in the country!

The pipeline between Mordor on the Lake and DC has never been busier.
It'll get even busier during BHO.2.
Thats right. I said it. BHO.2 It's coming.
What is it the modern grunts say?
Embrace the suck.

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