Friday, July 20, 2012

Making out bills

Saddled with credit card debt? Sick and tired of bank scandal after disgusting bank scandal?
Then you've got to try the new Militant American money-savings plan.
First go through your credit cards. Match the bank with the scandal that stinks up the news.
For instance, this week I owe a payment to Barclays Bank. Here's the check they're getting;

Save money with Zero's!
 Now all I've got to do is sign, stamp and send that baby. I've saved some real money with just one check! I'm beginning to feel empowered!" I'm getting the hang of this "financial stuff".

"But I don't have a Barclays Bank card!" you say. No worries, Mate! Here's one for CitiBank:

See? Easy!
"But I don't feel right about not making my minimum monthly payment!" you say. Very well then. Let your conscience be your guide. First look at your "Account Balance". Look at the "total Amount Due". Write this number down.

Then do a Google "news" search on your bank. Count up the number of stories that have the word scandal in them. Write this number down.

Now go to your original "credit card agreement". You should have this on file. You do don't you? Maybe you can find it online. Now read it through. Every. Word. This is important. Don't cheat. I'll wait.

Very Good! Now how many times did you swear? Write that number down. Write down the number of aspirin that you took to try and clear that nasty "numbers headache".

Now, next to your numbers, write down these names;
John Corzine
Jaime Diamon
Rick Ricci

Now look at your worksheet. Do the numbers add up to ZERO yet?

Do a "worksheet" to "get it all down on paper"

If not, then you need to read more about our wonderful global banking industry. Read as much as you can. Take the time to learn whats going on with these Whiz-Bang Bankers and Hero's of Finance. Give it some time.
I'm sure you'll get to zero's soon.

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