Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bacon magic

This has been amazing me for a while.
As a beginning, D-Class Blogger, I've been learning that certain topics reap more eyeballs than others.
Witness the power of Bacon!
It's like magic!
My single post using the magic  word was just a pointer to another blog I like, still pulls eyeballs

Mystery Solved comes in a distant second. That's attributed to a single comment from an A-List Scribe. Thanks Tam.

And just to not feel like I'm merely trolling for hits, I'll address the topic of Bacon magic.
I've known that this is possible for awhile.  Oven Baked Bacon. I finally tried it.
Cooking bacon without all the turning and stove top baby sitting, oven baking really works.
Crispy deliciousness the easy way. I may never cook bacon on the stove top again.

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