Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Frontline's Frothy Fulminations

Let me first say. I enjoy Frontline. For free tv, it's pretty much top shelf. Their latest offering is Money, Power and Wall Street.  It kicked off last night with a double episode.  Ya'll can watch the first two hours online. Two more hours to follow.

It was an in-depth recounting of the Wall Street implosion that we witnessed circa '08.

What I found grating was the soft peddling of the criminality of it all. Not that they avoided it all together. The focus was more on the technical aspects and "How could we have known?" versus "Those Sonsabitches just robbed the Treasury!".

The background info of how BHO was plugged in during the run up to the election was interesting.
They've got extended interviews online as well. Maybe some of the "Gangsta Bankster" sentiment can be found there.

I plan on watching the rest of it. Maybe even rewatching the beginning. Just so I can take names for my list.

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