Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Just within the 3:00 hour, on the air in Chicago, IL Senator Mark Kirk beats the drum loudly on WLS radio. His reaction to the press conference of FBI, DEA and AG Holder. Kirk's plan? Declare war! Take action to cripple Irans economy.

Ummm... Wow.
That's sure distracting! From the Motley protesters. From Fast 'n Furiousness.
Lemmee see. FBI, DEA, AG Holder.
Y'know thats like seeing all the bad boys hanging around together on the corner.

I'd like to ask them, Where's CIA?
Ain't he usually hanging around with you Choir Boys?
Wag the Dog much, Mr. AG?

Nevermind. I'm sure it's my fevered imagination.
You guys have never lied to me before.
Nevermind that the lunatic fringe broadcasts that use the Imperial March as their bumpers, have been predicting this kind of scenario for years. Just a co-inky-dink I'm sure.

Why should I believe any of this?
The straps on my wookie suit are pinchin' this afternoon. Maybe time for a bigger one.

And Senator Kirk? Can we close down one or two current wars before we open this next one?

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