Saturday, August 27, 2011

Artwork! Awesome!

We interrupt our scheduled program with this commercial message;

Feast your eyes on the awesomeness of the brand-spanking-new header artwork.
Provided by the talented Robb Allen at Sharp as a Marble
Besides bloggy writin' (with free snark), he's an awesome pixel wrangler as well.

When he posted a "Red Light Special" on high quality American made pixels, i jumped on it.
Glad I did.

Pixels warrantied against fading for 5 years!

As a fellow member of the International League of Pixel Pushers, he was able to realize the featured header using only a blog description and a handful of existing posts right outta the gate. Nice!

Thanks Robb.
We now return you to our regular militancy already in progress.

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Joat said...

Well it's working, I added you to the feed reader.