Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bicycle ride to school = Child abuse?

h/t Say Uncle

Are you neglecting your children by allowing them to ride a bike to school?
Appears so in TN.
Read the comments in the link for more details from the principle parent involved.
She's been promised/threatened with a visit from Child Protective Services.

Drop $650 for this nifty child abuse vehicle

Just took Son #2 back to college.
In the back of the pick-em-up was his Giant brand mountain bike.
Saw dozens of other vehicles of child neglect on campus.

Child neglect reaching epidemic proportions on a college campus

As a grammar school student, I had to walk to school ... Almost a mile away! Sometimes in the snow! On a route that took me under the Chicago Skyway! Where I sometimes saw dead rats!
Always knew my parents were negligent.

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