Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where's my Bloggers Union Card?

Almost afraid to mention this ... in case I give anyone any ideas.
But the rabbit-holes take ya all different places.

  1. Google spellcheck "anti authoritarian"
  2. preview cartoon ... and yer down the rabbit-hole.
Wobblies??? I thought they were extinct!
Then ... then I land on antiauthoritarian.NET. They've got a NET! And a BLOG!
Voice of the SDS?
They're still alive?
Next Left Notes (NLN) is an independent Left publication that has its roots in the New Left movement of the Sixties. Like the magazine that inspired NLN — New Left Notes, the voice of SDS — our political persuasion is simple: Let The People Decide. Because we believe that the Corporate Press can not and will not cover the struggle for peace and progress in an unbiased or comprehensive way, it is our mission to cover the Movement.
 Emphasis mine.

And a UNION Editor! Whaaa? National Writers Union? 
I'm so ig'nant i din't know there was such a thing!
As part of the UAW?

Thomas Good is the original and current editor of Next Left Notes  

He's helped re-member the SDS ... sounds like re-animating zombies!
Not sure how all that jibes. Self acclaimed anti authoritarian union writers.

And for bonus "down-the-rabbit-hole" points ... Go to the NLN site and confirm that some of the members actually come from a town named Academia.

Just to be clear, i don't want a shop steward right here at the Dubblewide.
Can't even imagine the paperwork necessary to authorize all the ashtrays.


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Alright Tam. I give up.
No more "thought i writ somethin' original" ;-p
From now on, i'm just trollin' yer archives!
Blogosphere Meritocracy?! Feh! But, that's not fair!