Saturday, August 27, 2011

Longenecker Plan ... Let no crises go unstudied

 h/t The Safer Streets Commentaries

John Longenecker,
Author John Longenecker has proposed that we study the upcoming weather event we've all been hearing so much about.

Follow the disaster news coverage of Hurricane Irene. Spot five issues of concern which you deem important to your safety, survival and sovereignty. Remember that not only do you, your family and property have to come out on the other side, but so does your sovereignty. 

Take notes during the coverage.  

Look closely at volunteers if any. Look closely at conditions. See if you can follow the coverage and spot issues of importance to you and yours. Be sure also to observe and evaluate reasonable and unreasonable official political actions.
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I recently had similar thoughts. It will be interesting to see how the "powers that be" handle this one. I don't think Hurricane Irene will bring to play the "perfect storm" that was Katrina. Early forecasts expect Irene to degenerate to tropical storm as it caroms up the eastern seaboard. Nonetheless, as Mr. Longenecker notes,  "emergency citizen disarmament" is already being called for by one Governor.

Take notes and tune in to Disaster Management: Be Prepared and Armed, by Paul Revere Radio on September 1st.

The same concept, on a longer timeline, we've got the G8 Summit in Chicago, in May 2012. That one should be interesting.

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