Sunday, August 28, 2011

Save the date; May 8th

The whole world is watching! was the chant in Chicago's Lincoln Park circa 1969.

Calling Bill Ayers ... Bernadette? Hey Hey Ho Ho

Soon again, the world will be watchin Chicago.
h/t Chicago Tribune

Local activists gear up for G8, NATO summits planned for city.

Excerpts that jumped out;

... Chicago could see crowds of protesters similar to the 35,000 or so activists who descended on St. Paul, Minn., during the 2008 Republican National Convention,...

... Chicago activist Joe Iosbaker, who helped organize the RNC protests in 2008 and whose home was raided by FBI agents last October, ...

 ... recent statement by police Superintendent Garry McCarthy that the department is preparing for “mass arrests” of protestors during the summit. ...
Police Riot is what it came to be known as

 Wonderin' if it'll be like the "good ol' days

Prepping for militant citizen test, 1968

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