Thursday, September 1, 2011

The "Lone Wolf" meme

This one's gonna grow. Rather, grow mo' bigger, i should say.
Heard it today.

One of Illinois' few un-incarcerated governors, and member of the 911 commission, Big Jim Thompson was on the 50,000 watt blower (brought to ya by Dr. Gautam Gupta) today, giving statesman like interview.

Former IL Chief Executive Jim Thompson
Interview overview; major gaps remain in the government's ability to prevent
and respond to a terrorist strike.
Money Quote; "Here's the really tough one, but it's an increasing danger. and that is not so much ... uh uhh ... al qaeda folks coming in and doing sleeper cells and then striking as they did on 9/11, but what we call the uh, uh, radicalization of Americans, or people who are lawfully in the country ... you look at that Army guy down at Fort Hood, who managed to kill 13 servicemen before he was subdued. Uhh ... Folks today can ... because of their facilities on the internet become radical and do damage in the country, now not a nationwide thing like 9/11 smaller acts of terrorism ... and there's no way to really predict who's going to do that anymore than you can predict when a bank robbery is taking place, alright? And so the increasing danger is from young radicals in America, either citizens or lawful residents, who become addicted to what they see and hear over the internet, or in the mosque, or in the madras, and then go off and try and do something, like that Times Square bomber"
Host: The Lone Wolf Fear!
Da Guv: Yeah!

The Lone Wolf. The enemy of the shepherd. The enemy of the sheep.
The Ft. Hood Jihadist? He was on report and quite open about his radicalization.
Institutional incompetence and inertia allowed that bloodbath.
The Times Square bomber? Wasn't he stopped by a cabbie and a beat cop?
So much for yer "global security system"
I'm not saying that the Lone Wack-a-Doodle isn't a concern.
Less of a concern for me personally than the systemic stripping of civil rights in the name of "security" or "safety".
Less of a concern than living in a police state.
Less of a concern than inept, mendacious "leaders"
Less of a concern than being told the internet is dangerous and addictive.

Oh yeah ... the "no way ... you can predict when a bank robbery is taking place," ...
That's being played with now.
Philip K. Dick appears to have been more of a seer than fiction scribbler

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