Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hoosier "Only Ones" acting like ATF

 h/t Chicago Trib
Never mind the County Coroner that stole money from a Childrens Fund. There's a special place in Hell for him.
Lets look at the Sheriffs. Wish I could count on the MSM to get the details right.
WGN TV has vid of Lake County IN prosecutor saying that these here boys were sellin' the upper receivers from select fire arms (not in online edited version!). I'm no expert. I thought the lower receivers and trigger groups were what made them, y'know, select fire, LE only. Anyways ... 74 guns.
In a separate, six-count indictment, three officers in the Lake County Sheriff’s Department were charged with illegally buying dozens of machine guns and laser sights through the department using forged documents, then reselling the weapons at auctions from 2008 to 2010. The three, Sgt. Joseph Kumstar and officers Ed Kabella and Ron Slusser have agreed to guilty pleas with the U.S attorney and resigned from the department this week.

R.D. Slusser
Ronald D. Slusser, 47, a SWAT officer and firearms instructor,
Faces up to 20 years in prison
Owes the IRS $198,818
Whoa Dude! Almost 200 thou to the IRS? Hows that happen?

E. Kabella
Edward Kabella, 42, a patrolman
Faces up to 5 years in prison
Owes the IRS $22,613

J. Kumstar
Joseph Kumstar, 40, a former deputy chief
Faces up to 5 years in prison
Owes the IRS $22,116

 I'd be rippin' on the Hoosier State and the state of their law enforcement community.
Excepting I be livin' in ILL. We got plenty of our own crooks 'n robbers.

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