Friday, September 23, 2011

Attack! Attack! Attack! Watch?

When this meme hit the blogoshpere, I had to check it out. Like other thangs of this nature, I also had to sign up. For the same reason I occasionally listen to some hypocritical drug-abusing syndicated radio talk show hosts. Y'know ... that Sun Tzu admonishment ... "Know your opponent"

Get the "right thinking" facts
First thing I notice ... I'm suddenly getting emails from
The amusing part? They begin with the salutation "Friend-". Isn't that the translation from Russian of "Comrade-"? In this day and age of auto-insertion auto-merging data fields ... they address me as "Friend"?

Knowing that the site is merely a vortex of political spin, I was curious when I saw the link for gun control gossip.
So many attacks! Wheres the love?
So i click through. The issue they wanna address? The attack they're fightin'?
Dateline May 2010
The Global Small Arms Treaty. They name John Bolton (Bush era UN apparatchik) and others as attackers. Their counterargument? Their defense? Barack only wants "common-sense" gun controls.

Nevermind the musty old smell of this whole red herring. They've got much hotter, more germane, treasonous stories to address ignore stonewall.
They be stone tone deaf.

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