Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Smart (Big Brother) Grid Technology

h/t Old NFO

How many times have ya heard a politician, extolling their bright visions of the future, mention "smart grid technology"?

Have they mentioned how we need it? For better allocation of precious resources?
Did the said pol mention how a "smart grid" tracks your use of juice?
Did they happen to mention that a "smart grid" also allows controlled distribution or rationing of this resource?

Lets say its a hot July afternoon. Your air conditioner has been running full time since 9am. Every home in your neighborhood has been doing the same. Suddenly, at 2pm, the power goes out. Used to be, a power outtage of this sort, indicated an equipment failure somewhere in the distribution network. This is no longer the case. With "smart grid", this is just as likely a decision to ration your power. No more soup for you! Maybe in two hours. Maybe four. We'll see how we feel. You've stressed our system and we're shutting you down for a bit. For everyones good.
Hope you saved that computer work before we threw the switch! Heh!

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