Friday, September 23, 2011

Lean Forward ...

Lawrence O'Donnel on America and Immigration.
Part of MSNBC's new ad campaign.

The O'Donnell reads the copy emphatically. Gotta know yer history he sez. I agree.
Ask these guys about that "immigration" subject.

Militant Americans; Aboriginal
Manifest Destiny or Evil White Men Extirpating Aboriginals, take your pick. It's hard enough to suss out what really happened irregardless of the political spin.

These days, I reflect back on a snippet of Black Elk Speaks, a book containing narratives of some of the famous medicine man's "visions". In one such vision, he describes how the white man will overrun his homeland. In some of the final scenes of this vision, he speaks of the "end of the time of the white man" and the resurgence of his native people.  I then consider how this might happen. How  whiteys Crackers Caucasian Americans might disappear. How a hard-scrabble, poverty-stricken, almost forgotten people with an ethnic heritage of survival might retake the landscape.

But mebbe I'm leanin' fo'ward too much. MSNBC's new campaign is slick. Lean Forward. Heh. I guess "Spinning Left" tested poorly.

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