Tuesday, September 13, 2011

HuffPo bemoans increased swat-ification of PoPo

Thanks to Radley Balko at Huffington Post Crime

Nice article titled "Ten years after 9/11, Police Departments are Increasingly Militarized".
Actually connects the dots of Federal incentives for disbursements of military equipment to be used on the citizenry. Read the whole thang.

Special props for restating these factoids;
  • Trend began 30 years ago.
  • War on Drugs rationalization for militarization
  • 9/11 put already established trend into hyperdrive
  • All the above contribute to the continued erosion of constitutionally protected rights
Story points to a rabbit-hole entrance ... coming soon (if not already there) to your neighborhood,

brought to you by Lenco Armored Vehicles
Grants available, msrp $200,000-$300,000

30 years in bizness! 

How tacti-cool will you look dismount'n from a frikken running board?!
I'd flesh this out a bit more ... however Lenco Corp. wont allow unregistered users to even look at their picture gallery. They really don't want just anyone to have access to their site, only .mil and .gov need apply. Wonder why?

Extra points: FBI webpage explains hot new prank (2008): SWATTING
Extra points: Swattin' around Chicago, August 2011

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