Tuesday, September 13, 2011

PBS does "Fast and Furious"

Not sure how this one slipped past me.
PBS takes on F&F?
Yesterday's update led me to their version of events. They link up to a FFL holder in Phoenix who feels betrayed by the BATF in what they label as "now-infamous ATF sting gone horribly wrong".

Mr. Andre Howard feels betrayed by his BATF overlords.

Of course, it may take more than just a collection of facts to suss the truth.
PBS can't seem to make the dots connect. Perhaps under a Republican administration they'll figure out that it WAS the goal of Fast and Furious to create a documentable "Iron River" to fit the meme they wanted to sell. A truly "wag the dog" operation.

Truth? Disinformation? Spin?
Lastly ... Mebbe they need help ...

Mr Codrea? Sipsey?

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